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Consulting Services

We’ll assist you as consultants for tenders providing support for and assistance:
  • In identification of local consulting company/contractor to develop the tender design, the Bill of Quantity and prepare the administractive documents to participate in the bid;
  • In identification of local partners to participate in the tender and later in the Project;
  • With legal, technical, administrative assistance in order to participate in the Tenders and to submit the relevant bids under all the applicable laws and local procedures; 
  • To review tender documents such as project schedule, and design documents;
  • In identification of professionals far consultation in fiscal, legal and financial matters;
  • In identification of the best banks for credits and insurance companies for establishment of relations;
  • With identifying suppliers of construction materials and help negotiate best pricing for products;
and more. Contact us for more information.

Road design

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Rail design

Building Information Modelling

Checking of Structural Designs

Construction Site Technical Office Support